Drop in - Rs 700 ( Per entry) 

Cost for 1 person –>

Monthly – Rs. 4,500
Quarterly – Rs. 10,500
Half Yearly – Rs. 18,000
Yearly – Rs 30,000

Couple Discount Packages (total cost for 2 people) –>

Monthly – Rs. 9,000
Quarterly – Rs. 18,000
Half Yearly – Rs. 32,000
Yearly – Rs. 50,000

*Corporate discount – group of 5 people 15% discount each person.

*Discounted rates are applicable three months and above memberships.


  1. Kapil Sharma says:

    I live in Chattarpur Enclave.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Those rates are unlimited entries? And by couple you mean only marriage? or can be two friends?
    Is the couple “Discount” rate correct? its the same price per person as a single

  3. Safdar says:

    What are your workout hours

  4. Nawaz Haukim says:


    I have just started doing crossfit in London (UK), by no means am I a pro (have done about 5 beginner sessions with a PT to learn the moves and now doing the main classes/WODs and enjoying it), I am visiting India from mid November and will be in Delhi some of the time. Would I be able to come to your box for classes if I say take a membership of 1 month?


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